DIY Off the Canvas Art

September 28, 2015

DIY Off the Canvas Art - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

I hope everyone enjoyed their first fall weekend! It is still blazing hot down here in SoCal so it’s hard to imagine that summer is really over. With my favorite time of year being fall I cannot wait until our temps drop at least into the 70s when people don’t look at you funny for wearing plaid to the grocery store.

Today’s DIY is super simple and is meant to give you a custom piece of art for you home that you can easily make yourself. I know some people are really scared of the word “art” because it implies something that’s complicated and takes forever to make. Well, this specific type of art shouldn’t scare you because all you’re doing is cutting out shapes and arranging them in a way that pleases you, so there’s no more excuses to not having affordable art in your home! I promise you, it will be easy. So let’s jump in!

The supplies you’ll need are:

DIY Off the Canvas Art - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

  • a 20×20 fabric poster (if you liked our colors/design you can download it here, if not you can make your own in Paint with random straight lines and filling them in with different colors)
  • a blank canvas (ours is 20×20)
  • white paint
  • a large paint brush
  • scissors

DIY Off the Canvas Art - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

To start, you’ll want to prime your canvas with white paint. I personally don’t like the look of raw canvas so I knew I was going to paint mine. But if you’re ok with that look, you can skip this step. I did painted on two coats.

DIY Off the Canvas Art - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

Next, you’ll want to cut out all the shapes from your poster. I loved actually making this poster because it brought out my inner kid. Do you know when you were younger how you used to get on Paint and just draw random scribbles then fill the shapes in with different colors? Yep, that’s what we’re doing here, so have fun with it if you’re making your own!

Once all your shapes are cut, it’s time to start arranging them on your canvas, making sure to cascade a few off your canvas as well. Once you start arranging them off your canvas, I would recommend hanging up your canvas in it’s home. I tried to translate mine from the table to the wall and it just got messed up. I ended up doing the off the canvas portion about 3 times total.

But really, there’s no right or wrong answer with this. Just place the shapes however close or far apart you want, and in whatever configuration you want. This is your art and no one can tell you it looks bad! The great thing about using the posters for this is you can pick up a piece and move it if you don’t end up liking where you set it down. Easy, peasy!

DIY Off the Canvas Art - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

Once you have an arrangement that you love, just stick down the posters, and that’s it! I loved the way mine turned out, and I especially love that dramatic pop of pink! If you’re not really digging these colors, feel free to make one with colors you love. It’s your art, so own it!

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    Super Cute idea!

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      Thanks so much Kerry!

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