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DIY Woven Frame

July 22, 2015

Today is an exciting day for SnapBox because we're launching our new series of DIY videos! If you've been following us on Instagram, then you've seen our new studio set-up where we filmed this particular diy (which is my all-time favorite, by the way!). So, today I'll be actually showing you how to make this amazing woven frame!

DIY Woven Frame - SnapBox Prints

To be honest, I wasn't sure how well this project would turn out, so I first made this pink one and I instantly fell in love. But, I also figured that the color choices were a little more on the kid side, so I made one more to show you guys some alternate color choices. It is amazing how a few different yarn choices can completely change the whole look and feel of this frame!

DIY Woven Frame - SnapBox Prints

So, before we jump right into the video, I want to show you all the pattern I used to make this. In order to form the pieces that hold the picture in place, you'll want to use this pattern as a guideline. The top and bottom potions are the same, so what you really need to know is where you need to make the knots, which will make sense once you watch the video. So when you actually start to make your own, just use this pattern as reference for where I'm using the blue string, and you should be golden!

DIY Woven Frame - SnapBox Prints

If you guys are new to weaving and want read some in-depth tutorials on how to weave, A Beautiful Mess has a weaving tutorial series that is excellent.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Also, if you make this woven frame, I'd love to see it! Tag us on Instagram and use #snapboxdiy so we can feature your project.

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