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SnapBox Gift Guide: Part 5

December 5, 2014

Well, we’ve made it to the last portion of our gift guide. We’ve covered our favorite things, gifts for men, gifts for the kids, and gifts for that one person that’s always hard to buy for.  But what about you? You work so hard during the holidays to buy all these gifts to make everything special for your friends and family, so why not treat yourself?  It’s ok if you get yourself one present that you really, really want.  You’ve earned it! So go ahead, treat yourself this holiday season!

snapbox gift guide part 5 - snapbox prints

Maison Metallo Candle: The Maison Metallo candle from Voluspa is one of our favorites.  With so many scents to choose from, you really can find the perfect candle to fit your preferences! Plus, the metal tin is so pretty, it can be reused once you’ve finished the candle inside!

Reindeer Games Duo: If there is one nail polish brand that we are completely smitten about, it is Julep. They have some of the prettiest polishes available, and will often provide sets of colors, like this one! We love the sparkly red and the dark plum colors! They are perfect for giving yourself that holiday mani right before a big party!

Under the Mistletoe: If Julep is our favorite nail polish brand, Too Faced is our favorite beauty brand. They have the prettiest packaging with great quality cosmetics, and they have made a stand for animal rights so none of their products are tested on our furry friends. These three lipstick shades are perfect for the holiday season with just a hint of sparkle, and the pouch they come in will make you squeal with glee at its glittery-ness!

Ames Sunglasses: Warby Parker is one of the coolest eyewear companies with a purpose. With every purchase, they send money to a charity that provides people in other countries with glasses.  This holiday season, you can treat yourself and others with these awesome sunglasses, either with prescription or non-prescription lenses!

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb & Wrap: After all of that holiday shopping and all of the parties you’re attending this year, won’t it be nice to relax in a luxury bath?  This specific bath bomb (the golden wonder) is one of our all-time favorites and will help you feel beautiful and relaxed once you’re done. Who can blame you for getting it for yourself?!

With that, our gift guide is done. We hope that you’ve been inspired, and we hope that you take some time out for yourself this holiday season to recuperate.  Check back with us next week for fun holiday DIYs that you can do with the kiddos, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for a sneak peek into daily life at SnapBox!

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