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SnapBox in Real Life: Homey Oh My! III

December 28, 2015

SnapBox in Real Life: Homey Oh My! III - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

Well, Christmas is officially over, but that just means we get to look forward to New Years now! Or, if your family is like mine, you may still have a few Christmas gatherings in the new year, too! Either way, I love this week in between Christmas and New Years. It makes all my warm-fuzzies come to life!

I know we all may still be recovering from celebrations, so I just wanted to stop by and tell you guys about Homey Oh My!‘s latest SnapBox in Real Life, which actually can be applied to gifts that aren’t attached to the holidays! Using our peel & stick, she was able to create these gift tag stickers using phrases and her own photos for a personal touch on all her gifts. The great thing? She’s made all the phrases available for you to download! So hop on over to her post and check it out, and maybe you’ll get some inspiration for a cute birthday wrap while you’re there!

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