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SnapBox’s HUGE Giveaway is Closed

April 25, 2016

SnapBox's Huge Giveaway is Closed - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

Thank you to everyone who entered to win one of the 86 prizes we gave away in SnapBox’s HUGE Giveaway! The contest is now closed, and we’re going to be using this blog post to announce the winners.

SnapBox's Huge Giveaway is Closed - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

First, let’s congratulate the 75 people who each won a $100 SnapBox coupon*! A simple gallery like these 18×24 and 12×16 stretched canvases can add instant interest to your walls. Congrats to: Lisa Lacasse, Andrea Tarwater, Ali Nguyen, Brian Yu, Christina Rigney, Joyce Muscat, Alex Lin, Patti Petrofine, Steve Fritz, Jacqueline Gomez, Michaela Lauterbach, Betsy Brunner, Katherine Wu, Michael Fujimoto, Sandra Sammons, Chelsea Francis, Paige Royster, Erika Shawver, Curtis Manlapig, Afton Hernandez, Kelci Putman, Maddi King, Anna Giang, Jay Schroeder, Francis Haynes, Constance Friedman, Anthony Eaton, Sue, Meg Corcoran, Chris Buckland, Elizabeth, Phillip Carley, Jennifer Dunlap, Josh W, Kelsey Pruden, Julia Weatherson, Amy Negri, Steve Langguth, Nicole Buffi, Nicki Wolfersberger, Lacey Thebeau, Cindy Bruder Halstead, Dustin Wong, Alex Le, Jeanette Yoon, Wendy Harwood, Michael Hardie, Morgan Lytle, Laura B, Nate Bonnett, Yvette Hall, Anna Frye, A Venezia, Bo Stewart, Ronald, Sarah Foote, Marjorie Jane Payne Tilley, Michele Pong, Bryant Anthony, Jessie Lam, Cheryl Ward Santaguida, Katie Woodson, Sivjang Chia, Bryan Carino, Edwin Loyola, Ashely, Candace, Michelle Boozenny, Darris Mishler, Tom Hoctor, Michaela Judge, Sandy Hong, Lisa Harty, Lisa, and Michelle Frost

SnapBox's Huge Giveaway is Closed - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

With the majority of our winners out of the way, let’s get into our $200 SnapBox coupon* winners. There were 10 lucky people who won this prize, and they’ll be happy to know they can get the gallery above (8×10 paper, 11×14 framed canvas, and 8×8 framed canvas) with their new coupon, and still have some credits to spare! They are: Kathy Eung, Kristie McShannon Caskey, Joy Clarke, Milo Goodman, Shane, Veronica Watson, Tia Johnson, Mary Beth Miller, Brandon Sparks, and Claudia Reyes-Hilton

SnapBox's Huge Giveaway is Closed - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

And finally, our grand prize winner of one $500 SnapBox coupon* is Fay Maima!! You can buy 12 pillows with that. Pillow party at Fay’s house!

Congrats to everyone who played and received a $10 SnapBox coupon* for participating. If you haven’t received that coupon to your email yet, they last remaining emails will be sent out shortly. For everyone who won, congrats! You will be receiving an email today with your winning coupon code!

We hope you all enjoyed this HUGE giveaway! We love celebrating our followers and customers in any way that we can, and we hope that you were able to glean a little bit about our values as a company in the process.

*All coupons are one-time-use only and will expire on July 25th, 2016*

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