Valentine’s Day at the Office

February 13, 2015

Happy almost Valentine's Day to all of you! After doing all of our V-Day DIYs (memory box, bookmark, flip book), we got antsy to do something for everyone in the office too. We spent a few days thinking about it, but nothing really seemed good enough. So we went to the one source that never fails us: Pinterest. If you guys don't have an account on this site, you're seriously missing out.

Anyhoo, we were perusing a V-Day search and came across this gem.

Valentine's Day at the Office

Angels started singing and the heavens opened up, because this was the perfect V-Day gift for the whole office. If you've been following us on Instagram lately, you might have noticed that we have a slight obsession with donuts. While this isn't necessarily a healthy obsession, it is a natural one because, let's face it, donuts are heavenly.

So, since we are celebrating Valentine's Day at the Office today (FRIDAY) we knew it was perfect. And, in the spirit of helping you guys see the creative potential in all of our products, we wanted to tell you all how we made them.

Valentine's Day at the Office - SnapBox Prints

The printable came from Sugar and Charm and can be found here. They have tons of other DIYs and printables, so take some time to mosey around and take a look at all of their amazing ideas.

Valentine's Day at the Office - SnapBox Prints

Then, we printed the designs onto our Peel & Stick Posters, which are still on sale!!! We printed ours on 4×4 posters, but you can always just print the full page on an 8×10 and cut out the shapes. That way will actually save you some money too!

Valentine's Day at the Office - SnapBox Prints

We also ordered a ton of small 4x4x2 boxes off Amazon, but there are similar ones in a smaller quantity here.

Once we bought the donuts, all we had to do was assemble the boxes, stick on the poster, and that was it!

Valentine's Day at the Office - SnapBox Prints

And let me tell you, everyone at the office was so excited to get their own personal Valentine's Day donut! It was the perfect representation of SnapBox, and we are so lucky we found this printable on Sugar and Charm!

What gifts did you make for Valentine

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