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What are the Different Options with Photo Books?

April 11, 2016

What are the Different Options with Photo Books - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

We’ve taken a look at why our layflat photo books are different from others on the market, but none of that information will mean anything if you don’t know how to order a photo book on our site. In order to make the process simple and easy for you, I’m going to go through the different options that we offer and how to use the most common features on our editor.

What are the Different Options with Photo Books - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

Our photo books have 12 pages with the opportunity of 23 different images. At the minimum, you can print 12 images, with two single page photos, 10 double page photos, and a solid color cover (shown on top above). When you print all 23 images, you’ll have a photo on the front cover and you’ll fill each single page (shown on bottom above). For a professional look and feel, the inside front and back pages will always remain white.

What are the Different Options with Photo Books - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

After you’ve uploaded your photos, you have four basic options for how to display your image. You can either do a full image bleed on a single page (where the color goes straight to the edge of the page) or you can add in a margin around your image on a single page. But you also have the same two options for a double page spread: either a full image bleed or with a margin around the entire image.

We realize that not everyone will want to only have squares or panoramic photos in their books, so we also have a comprehensive editor that will allow you to add margins to have the illusion of portrait or landscape images. Just know that these overlays and frames go on top of the photo. It won’t let you crop the photo into the borders. To get to these options, just click on the image that you’d like to edit, find the “overlays” tab and choose the border that you want. In this editor you’ll also be able to add a multitude of different filters, effects, and stickers to make your photo book as unique as the photos that are in it.

What are the Different Options with Photo Books - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

Once you’ve placed all your images inside the book, it’s time to work on the front and back covers. You’re welcome to add a photo to the front cover or pick a solid color, but you can’t add an image to the back cover, you can only change the color. If you don’t do anything to the back cover, it will print solid white. After your covers are finalized, the last thing you can customize is the spine color and text.

You can choose to have your text printed horizontally or vertically; you can choose between 3 different fonts; and you can choose between 9 different font sizes. You’re welcome to select any text color you want, but you are limited to 23 characters to write out the message you want. Make sure you hit the “preview” button to see how your text looks. Whatever you see in the editor is what’s going to print, so make sure everything is spelled right and you like the sizing.

And that’s it! The site will take you through to one more page where you can check your work, and then just add it to your cart to check out! We purposefully limited the amount of options available for our photo books because we believe that too many options can be overwhelming for you guys as you try to order, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be offering more layout options in the future. If we do, I will definitely announce them here on the blog, so just keep an eye out.

There are other helpful hints that I can share with you but I don’t really need to go into depth, so I’ll just list them here and continue to add comments as they come our way.

  • Our software won’t auto populate the front cover with a photo, so you’ll have to upload one specifically for it, or choose from your extra images down below.
  • To reorder your photos, just drag any photo in the book layout to the new space you’d like it to be. Drag & drop makes things super easy!
  • Your photos should be at least 900×900 pixels in size to look the best when printed.

If you have any questions about this process, or you’ve tried to make your own photo book and you’re confused, just comment below and I’d be happy to help you out. Also, don’t forget that our site is still on sale, and we’re running a HUGE giveaway that you really want to enter.

What are the Different Options with Photo Books? - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

We’re right in the middle of our photo book series, so make sure to keep clicking on that image above to see all the posts at once, in case you missed any!

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  • Reply Phil April 14, 2016 at 8:35 am

    I do not want to force my photos into your aspect ratio or do a fake horizontal or vertical. I’m very disappointed in your lack of flexibility on this product. And it’s pricey.

    • Reply Brittany April 14, 2016 at 9:05 am

      Hi Phil. We are working to bring more layout options to the books soon, so keep an eye out for an update on that. And our pricing is competitive to the comparable quality photo books on the market. Let us know if we can help you with anything else

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