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What Makes a Great Gallery

April 22, 2016

What Makes a Great Gallery - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

What makes a great gallery? This question is one of the most common questions in the world of photography and home decor. It always seems like so much pressure to collect images that work well together and flow, but it’s a whole other story when you start talking about how to display them.

We received so much positive feedback from the gallery wall post in our canvas series that I thought it would be a good idea to expand on the gallery wall topic today with Mother’s Day only two weeks away. But even if you’re not looking for a show-stopping gift for your mom, more gallery wall inspiration is always encouraged, at least in my opinion.

What Makes a Great Gallery - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

One of my favorite products on the site right now is our framed paper. It has the ability to instantly elevate any photo, even if you’re just learning how to work on your composition behind the lens. Two of these hung side by side can communicate a look of modern elegance that can be hard to find anywhere else, and the addition of two dreamy landscape photos instantly puts you in a serene mood. I think I need a gallery like this in my own home!

What Makes a Great Gallery - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

If you’re looking for a simple way to showcase some of your best photography, three framed canvases lined up on your wall is one of your best options. The thin frame on our canvases allows your photo to be the focal point, not what’s around it.

In the upcoming product campaigns (just like the one we had for canvas) we’ll talk more about how to do gallery walls with one specific product, so now I thought I’d show you some inspiration with a mix of frames and products. One of the easiest ways to liven up a gallery is to vary the products used to keep the gallery from seeming too predictable.

What Makes a Great Gallery - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

What I love about this gallery is that it has three images that ground it. All three family beach photos help to give the gallery a place to start, but the other three travel photos around it add personality and a sense of history. Pick images from your favorite vacations or images of places that you’d love to visit at some point. The whole gallery wall can serve as a reminder of all the memories you’ve had.

What Makes a Great Gallery - Snaps: A Blog from SnapBox

While this gallery has a couple different products, the layout is what helps to keep it interesting. Try using different widths of space between each frame, and make sure to leave gaps below your photos for tall things that might adorn your tabletop, like a plant or a collection of candlesticks.


Although most people think of galleries in terms of “gallery walls”, don’t let that stop you from creating galleries of images on other surfaces. I love the combination of an acrylic photo stand for easy photo swapping and a framed canvas to ground your vignette. If your tastes tend to change often, having an unframed paper print will allow you to constantly change out the image to keep you inspired.

I hope some of these ideas helped you with your gallery woes! If you have any questions about any of the galleries mentioned here today, let me know in the comments below and I’ll answer them for you. If you feel inspired to create your own gallery, I might suggest you checking out our huge $10,000 giveaway! This weekend is your last chance to enter and your chances of winning are pretty good, so don’t squander an opportunity like this! We’re also running a sale site-wide right now, so you can check out all the details for that right here.

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  • Reply Julia Weatherson April 24, 2016 at 9:59 pm

    Love this. One of my 2016 to-dos is to put up a gallery in our dining room of our new home. Will be buying from Snapbox to make that.

    • Reply Brittany April 28, 2016 at 9:19 am

      Awesome Julia! You’re going to love looking at those memories every day

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